Bath and Wells Diocese | New bishop consultation

Help us identify the next Bishop of Bath & Wells – The process has started to discern who God is calling to be the next Bishop. As part of that process we are consulting with people across the diocese about the church and their hopes for a new bishop. Your views are important to us and we want to hear from you, whether as an individual or a group. Your views will be fed into the decision making process and we will feed back on the responses in the autumn. Please take 10 minutes to complete the survey which you can find online at: www.bathandwells.org.uk/new-bishopconsultation . There will also be some forms available at the back of church

The Benefice Team of Readers and churchwardens are all happy to be contacted at any time too, of course.

Benefice Team: 

Bev Machin                 Tel. 568201                      email: beverleymchn1@gmail.com   

Donna Marsden         Tel. 633707                      email: donnamarsden01@yahoo.co.uk   

Julie Pelling                  Tel. 07973 961083          email: julie@nickandju.plus.com                    

George Fenech            Tel. 633577                      email: georgefenech44@gmail.com

Sue Withycombe        Tel. 632596                       email: withysue10@gmail.com

Sarah Lander              Tel. 07765 881229           email:sclarkelander@gmail.com

Janet Bremner            Tel. 01984 632118            email:janetbremner31@btinternet.com


We take Safeguarding very seriously in our Benefice and our Safeguarding Officers are Sara Hempshall and Jackie Smith. They can be contacted initially by ringing 07961 268411 and by e-mail on safeguardingstdecsstpeters@gmail.com       

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